Our story


Hi Chula! I'm Cecilia, the owner of Chulada de vida boutique. I am so happy you are here and I hope you find the boutique of your dreams. I wear many hats as the owner of Chulada de vida, but I will say the most rewarding part is communicating with my Chulas. Here is a little background of our story.

I remember as a 3 year old telling my abuelita "ese moño no combina con mi ropa." To say I've had a love and passion for fashion as long as I can remember is an understatement. As a daughter of Mexican immigrants I'm proud to say my boutique is catered and made for feminine Mexican women that love the fresita style. Many large retailers have left us out completely and my goal as a boutique owner is to keep you as my priority! 

I started Chulada de vida boutique in April of 2021 (April 26th, 2021- launch day). I have learned so much over this time frame and hope to expand and grow even more while keeping you my customer as the top priority. Shop small and you will know what true appreciation and understanding is. I want to build a reputable boutique for the feminine, fresita Mexican woman. For years the Mexican women have been left out by large retailers and even more so the Mexican women who love the fresita lifestyle. I'm happy to say I'm not leaving you out and I'm here to deliver.

With all that being said, We are not the typical "trendy and low-priced boutique." My main focus is delivering clothes that is high quality not low-priced. 

Thank you for considering my small business and as always... stay chula y fresita.